Monday, January 24, 2011

12 month post! (1 Year!)

Here are this month's stats for our two boys.

Weight: 20lbs 15oz (weighed 2/17)-
Height: 30.5 in
Head: 19 in

Weight: 18lbs on the dot (weighed 1/25)
Height: 29 in
Head: 19.25 in

  • Started crawling the day before his birthday. It was at church and he saw the double doors and took off. From there, he has crawled everywhere and has been into everything. It seems like he'd rather be pulling books and DVD's off the shelves instead of playing with the toys I've laid out. His favorite is the refrigerator which he'll move his arms in joy and "book it" across the floor in anticipation of playing in. Thank goodness he hasn't learned to open it yet!
  • Last Wednesday, while Maddie was in her kennel for a time out, she got out and I couldn't figure it out. I put her back in and watched from a distance with surprise as Patrick unlocked the kennel door and let Maddie out. Maddie has found a new best friend!!
  • Another favorite of Patrick is drawers and loves to open and close them. He also likes to throw toys in, and them open the drawer and find the toy again. Thankfully, fingers have only been left in a few times; I think he's learning!
  • Says Da Da and knows what it means and can also wave Bye bye.
  • We love that he'll try a new food at least once.

  • Has been crawling for the past month but usually he falls down and army-crawls. Now (about a week or so before his Birthday) it is a full-fledged and very fast paced crawler. Watch out when he sees that TV Remote! He'll shoots across the floor after it!
  • Unlike Patrick, he is content playing with the toys that are set out. Many times, he's has a book in his lap, turning pages as he reads the book.
  • About a week ago, he pulled up to standing all by himself and now is no longer content to be on his knees. He has to be standing! He can walk along the couch pretty well too! It is so much fun to see these guys learning new things.
  • Loves banana and banana bread. I have been trying new things all the time trying to find something else that he'll eat just as well.
  • He is showing so much personality. It is the cutest thing when Christian comes home from work to watch Payden shoot across the floor to be picked up by his Daddy.
  • This week, he has taken to holding his bottle by himself and would rather feed himself than let you hold it.
Both Patrick and Payden love books and it is one of the easiest ways to calm them down. Christian and I have memorized a few books (from reading them so much) and it's nice to be able to quote a book and have them calm down. Singing also works pretty well that way in the same respect. They are starting to follow me when I go in the kitchen to prepare food but luckily they haven't figured out the stairs quite yet. I have a feeling we've only hit the tip of the iceberg so far when it comes to exploring!

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