Thursday, January 20, 2011


RTT stands for Random Thoughts Thursday.

My sister-in-law Emma started this on her Blog and I think it is a great idea. You can see her blog here.

  • We got 8+ inches of new snow yesterday. It started snowing yesterday around noon and kept snowing until early this morning. Since being in Washington, it's hard to get used to this much snow again let alone driving around in it. And to think, two added precious lives are now at stake. I think I'll stay at home.
  • Ever tried to get a pug to go outside in the snow? Yeah, not going to happen! Pugs are notoriously wimpy and hate the cold. Nevertheless in the height of our storm yesterday, I was dragging Maddie around the in the snow, trying to get her to do her business. Not fun and also very cold!
  • Payden cracked me up this morning. They were playing in different parts of the living room. Payden watched as Patrick was playing with their cell phone toy. All of a sudden, Payden starts crawling across the room to get to Patrick, tackles Patrick and throws him to the ground. All, to get his cell phone toy. It's not his, just that he plays with this toy the most. Patrick just laid there crying and doesn't retaliate just yet. I gave the phone back to Patrick and distracted Payden with another toy.
  • Because they are starting to pull up to their knees and probably soon their feet, there has been a lot of bumps lately. Mostly bumps on their heads as they explore and go after toys. Patrick's new favorite is to open his drawer and empty it of all the contents.
  • The boys got a new activity table for Christmas. It has been the absolutely favorite toy lately. After Payden has his bottle, he will crawl over to it and start playing. It also is just the right height that they have to pull up to their knees in order to play. One time yesterday, I found Payden on his feet. He has done it a couple times but I've never seen how he does it.
You can see a couple pictures of them playing here...


Julia said...

We have the same music table. Our girls LOVE it, especially Brynne. She dances and dances to all the music. A GREAT toy!

rogersinkc said...

Thats funny about Maddie. Our little yorkie Lacie HATES it too. I have to shovel off the steps AND some of the lawn in order for her to go outside. Just imagine how dorky I look to our neighbors shoveling the grass. :-)

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