Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Very Belated Christmas Recap - Part II

Now for Christmas!

On Christmas, the boys woke at 6:45 after only being up once in the night. We decided to put them in the empty room across from us and it worked out better when they were IN the room with us. Back to Christmas morning. We get the boys fed and dressed and start feeding them Breakfast. Then we realize that we needed more time as his siblings are coming at 7:30 to start unwrapping presents. We ended up starting at 8, but that's okay. Good way to learn patience, I guess!

I'm glad that Patrick and Payden got to unwrap gifts on Christmas Eve because they were very tired and fussy on Christmas Day. They seemed fine to play with their old and new toys while we unwrapped for them.

Here are a quite a few pictures from the day. Again, picture credit goes to my incredible, talented sister-in-law Lindsay. Don't mind the pajamas and the hair, I don't think I showered until almost 3 in the afternoon..
"Why or why are we doing this?"
Ooh, these bows are interesting, I wonder what they taste like"

"And now we're getting tired, Are we done with pictures yet?" - said by Patrick.

And some more!

Payden playing but also tired.

Grandma playing with a tired Patrick
Mom and Payden reading stories

Payden sitting with Daddy. One of my favorites!

When his siblings had gone home, later in the afternoon the boys were a little happier and explored all their new toys. As we were playing, we were shocked to see Patrick up and on all fours rocking. We cheered him on and knew it wouldn't be long!

We woke the next morning and went to church. His parents are now part of our old ward (when we lived in Kansas 4 years ago) and it was fun to see some old faces and talk to people. Early that afternoon, we made the drive home to start organizing gifts and getting ready for the workday the next day.

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Wow, they got a lot of cool toys!!

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