Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kindergarten Concert

Thursday night, February 4th,  Patrick and Payden had their 1st ever Kindergarten Concert. Payden was on the far left on the bottom row and Patrick is on the very top middle in black shirt. 

A little background - keeping it real - Being this is an outside or evening school activity, I had no idea how the boys would react (especially Payden) and truthfully I have been really anxious and stressing myself about it this last couple weeks.  Knowing what we know now, I know I should have prepared Payden better with some pictures because once we arrived, he went into meltdown mode with full on screaming for 25 minutes. He did not understand why were there, plus there were over 200 people there to watch their kids and it was a bit of chaos.  His special ed teacher and I tried so many things. Finally his one-on-one para showed up, Ms Yazzie, and all of a sudden he was following directions and lining up on the rug with his class and he was ready to walk into the gym.  We were told his para wasn't going to be there.  She had thought ahead and knew Payden needed her there.  We are so grateful she came.  It made all the difference for him. 

Patrick as he is doing all the actions and singing like his life depended on it.  He had so much fun up there!  Payden was standing by the group.. but holding himself together and staying with his class up at front. Believe me... we've heard all the words to these songs at home.. he knows the words and repeats them often but didn't sing them. Toward the end, he got exhausted and sat down. After it was over, he climbed on my lap and said, "I'm ready to go home to bed." 

Here's a scan of the program from that night.