Friday, October 31, 2014

LAP - Preschool Halloween 2014

Patrick and Payden's Preschool always has a Halloween parade.  They dress in their costumes and then as a class, they walk around KU campus trick or treating.  Teachers have "placed" candy to students along the way to help pass out candy.  I had prepared Payden all week using the visual schedule from last year about what was going to happen.  I was so happy that my preparation paid off!  When the time came, tho I was stuck at the Dealership getting the car fixed and missed the whole thing.  :(

Betty, the director, said they both did very well.  Payden agreed to wear the vest only which was fine. he seemed to really enjoy himself. As he came off the bus he said, "Happy Halloween, put on costume."  It was really cute!   Patrick, of course, just wanted to dig into his huge bag of candy.  I asked him what he wanted for lunch and he said, "my candy." 

Here's a Class Picture - 

Parade - Trick or Treating 

 Sitting down to take a break

 More Trick or Treating

Halloween 2014

For Halloween, I found some costumes from 2 years ago that still fit and Patrick was very happy to be a pirate. I keep telling myself I need to prepare earlier and be creative but it hasn't happened. 

The Friday before Halloween, (October 24th) the 3 wards held a chili cook-off, carnival and Trunk or Treat.  Payden had had a hard time at the Pumpkin Patch that morning due to all the crowds and we thought he would enjoy staying home. He and Daddy ended up having so much one-on-one time together.  I took Patrick to a few carnival games and then to the cars trick or treating.  Patrick was was so cute and asked to take Payden's pumpkin to get him candy too. 

On Halloween, we decided to only do the trick or treating at our Hyvee since it was just so cold.   Our Grocery Store had a Trick or Treat bucket set up at each of the many departments.  Since Christian was off work that day anyway.. we did our normal grocery shopping and then the boys each trick or treated to each department along the way. It was a lot of fun!  Plus they weren't too picky on how much candy they (or the parents ;))  grabbed. 

Here's Patrick! He wasn't too fond of the Eye-patch though.

When we got home - I attempted pictures in front of the door - I've included all of my attempts - quite the feat I tell you! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of Pre-School - 2014

Tuesday, September 2nd was the 1st of school.

Here are some Pictures:  I found their polos at JC Penny for $2.99 on clearance. I loved them!  Plus their matching shoes! They were so excited to wait for the Bus.

The bus picked up at 8:10am. We were very exited to see our same bus driver, Fred behind the wheel. Fred drove last Fall/winter in the morning and also both ways in the summer.  He absolutely loves the boys and is a big reason why they LOVE the bus so much!

After I got home, I read in their notebook about their first day.  Patrick was so excited to be there and also very excited to see his friend Okan, who attended last year.  Apparently they've already bonded and become friends.

Payden was also very excited and needed no help in following the routine and even sat very independently during circle time.

Both boys have new therapists coming into the Preschool and they all seem fabulous. I'm excited as to what this school year will bring.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bus Trip to the Library

The last week before school started I wanted to do something fun with the boys. However, I didn't have a car.  We have enjoyed the use of a 2nd car for a year now but now we are down to 1 car. I know they loved the bus so I thought we'd take the public bus to the renovated, new Library downtown.

They loved it!

The bus stop was just in front of Hyvee so maybe a couple blocks walk. We went to Hyvee first to get cash since I never have cash.  Patrick told at least 3 people working there, "we are taking the blue bus to the library." It gave me a good laugh.

Here we are waiting for the bus.  The Stroller made things easier (seems to ground Payden and gives him somewhere to sit.)

This was as we rounded the 1st corner - he was tired but seemed to LOVE the ride. 

The 1st bus took us to Walmart and then we transferred to another bus that took us downtown to the library.  It was a good 45 minute ride.  Both boys pointed out landmarks and of course all the construction vehicles. We got to the Library at about 10am.

Patrick loves the train set/duplos there.  Payden and I looked for and found his favorite books to read: Brown Bear Brown Bear, The Hungry Caterpillar and Chicka Boom Boom.

Here's a picture of Payden taken a couple weeks before at the Library. They have these new reading nooks and he couldn't resist throwing the pillows (Pillow Bombs) like we do at home. :) 

Then at a little past 11am we took the same 2 busses (but in reverse) again home. They both enjoyed their snacks on the way home.  

Here's a good pic from across the Isle - they loved it.   

**Note to self:  If I ever attempt this again: --  Bring the Dramamine. Those busses are bouncy and jerky and I got so motion-sick -

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Outfits 2014

Each year growing up, my Mom would make my sisters and I Easter Dresses.  Sometimes we would match and sometimes we wouldn't.  I remember very well the year I came home to be with the family while at BYU and she had made me a new skirt for Easter.  I wore that skirt so many times. It was a cream print with flowers.

This year.. I realized I could do it.  Last Chrsitmas, Christan's mom had given us white shirts, black pants and ties for the boys. However we didn't get shoes.  So finally the weekend of Easter I found little black shoes to complete the outfit!  I was excited that my boys would be dressed in their best for Easter and also my birthday. Surprisingly - both boys didn't protest the tight-fit neck and clip-on ties and the new shoes.

Here's Payden - In Swing before church.

Then: - 2 pictures of my little men

Thursday, April 17, 2014

LAP Preschool Field Trip - Natural History Museum

In the middle of April, Patrick and Payden's preschool class were taking a field trip. I was incredibly nervous about the trip and decided that I probably should be there too. I was surprised it went as well as it did. 

Their Preschool is on the University of Kansas Campus so the class (and parents and teachers) walked to the Natural History Museum on Campus. We  went up a whole bunch of stairs and all the way across campus.  It was so cold, I had even made sure they wore their hats! 

Here are the pictures I took: 

Payden looking at the Seals  (Sorry little blurry)

Preschool classed sitting down, waiting for the go-ahead to go explore. Payden was in mid stride to come see me. 

Payden playing with a button at an exhibit

Patrick looking thru a Microscope at bugs, I think 

By the time we reached this last room - Payden was just done and kept asking to "go bye bye". He did so well though! He's reading his family book that I had in my purse for him just in case.

 Patrick in the tunnel with classmates

This is a classroom picture. I love this and couldn't believe after all that - Payden sat so well with his class for pictures!   Patrick also loves this picture as he points out each of his classmates. I am amazed at his memory for all their names.