Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Outfits 2014

Each year growing up, my Mom would make my sisters and I Easter Dresses.  Sometimes we would match and sometimes we wouldn't.  I remember very well the year I came home to be with the family while at BYU and she had made me a new skirt for Easter.  I wore that skirt so many times. It was a cream print with flowers.

This year.. I realized I could do it.  Last Chrsitmas, Christan's mom had given us white shirts, black pants and ties for the boys. However we didn't get shoes.  So finally the weekend of Easter I found little black shoes to complete the outfit!  I was excited that my boys would be dressed in their best for Easter and also my birthday. Surprisingly - both boys didn't protest the tight-fit neck and clip-on ties and the new shoes.

Here's Payden - In Swing before church.

Then: - 2 pictures of my little men

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