Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Twin Boys!!

Last week we had the most amazing ultrasound. We came in and the technician started doing the scan and of course they were pretty active. She started getting measurements of Baby A. I think every body part ( head, body, arms, feet, stomach and even the brain) was measured. While she was getting the arm, his little hand floated up and waved to Mom and Dad. I just wanted to cry. The hand was completely formed and definitely had little bones shown by white on the ultrasound. About 20 minutes later she looked to determine Baby A's gender and HE looked as if he was sitting on the screen. It couldn't have been more clear. Then she moved on to Baby B and took all the measurements. Right away though, he was also sitting clearly on the screen. We learned that Baby A was measuring right at 15 weeks and Baby B was measuring ahead at 16 1/2 weeks. What a relief! I was so glad that everything was going okay for them.

In between the ultrasound and our doctor appointment we had about 15 minutes. We sat and called and texted every possible person we could about the good news. When we finally got to see the our doctor, she was hesitant to confirm the gender because she said it was still early. She said that it will be final on September 21st, at 20 weeks. We both thought that the pictures were confirming enough for our two little boys. I posted them below so you can see for yourself.

After the ultrasound it has become more and more real. We took a Saturday to go to Babies-R-Us and the reality of it hit us in the face. We walked around the store saying to each other, "we'll need 2 of these, and 2 of these." For the time being, we've only bought 2 car seats and a double stroller that will hold both car seats. Next up is more maternity clothes and a baby crib and we probably should get started on diapers!