Sunday, December 7, 2008

Belated Thanksgiving Highs and Lows

So I know it is already the 7th of December but I wanted to write about our Thanksgiving this year. We flew out to Kansas City to spend the better part of the week with Christian's parents and siblings. Here is a list of the Highs and Lows of our trip.

  • Knowing firsthand the frustrations of missing our connecting flight and "almost" having to spend the night in Denver. (Because of weather delays, all the flights were delayed). They first told us that the next available flight was Monday evening but then we got on flying standby (I don't suggest it ever again).
  • Spending 6 1/2 hours in the Denver airport waiting to get on a plane to go home
  • Missing Maddie (we boarded her at the vet and had friends pick her up on Saturday
  • Coming home at 10:30 on Sunday night, and waking up for work the next morning (now that's a harsh reality)
  • Visiting and spending time with Christian's family
  • Having out "own" Christmas with his family (they surprised us but decorating the house and letting us unwrap our presents early).
  • Cheering on KU beating up on Mizzou in Football. For those who watched, wasn't that the greatest game? We scared a few people with our screaming, we were at a restaurant.
  • Saw beautiful snow falling (it snowed all day Saturday and Sunday, 29th #& 30th)
  • When I was there, I met former co-workers for lunch and caught up with them.
  • Meeting my sister-in-law's boyfriend, and loving the fact that she was just so happy. (She has had a hard time and it makes us so happy to see her happy too)
  • Talking to my mother-in-law about family history (she's a convert)
  • In returning to Seattle, we met one of Christian's friends that was in the KUPT program. It was nice to have someone we knew at the airport to sit and talk to.
  • Taking many family pictures (his sister is very good with photography, I wish I was)