Monday, February 4, 2013

More Preschool Tidbits

Well we made it through a month of Preschool

Here's a bit on how it is going: 


For the first few weeks, Payden has fussed or refused to be redirected by the adults there at the preschool..We've been praying for him to adjust and have fun! Also he has fallen asleep each bus ride home which has made nap time interesting as well. I'm sure he is just so exhausted.

And last week, Payden started crying as we put him on the bus.. maybe becoming more aware that he was leaving.. I don't know.  It is so hard to walk away from that bus and hearing him cry and also knowing he cried the whole way. I get frequent emails from his teacher and apparently last week was his best week.

Each day.. we really celebrate the little things and am glad for the bit of information we get about each day.

Last Tuesday, which he was crying on the bus... Later in the day.. he was actually "dancing" in preschool.  That made me happy to hear!

And last Thursday, he came into school crying but we heard this report:

"Today was GREAT!!!!  He only cried walking in from the bus and then for a few minutes before we get started playing.  Then he was upset walking back from the library when he saw the bus but we went into the room.  Just a for a minute.  But other than that, he didn't cry at all and was engaged in some play with an adult and transitioned great everywhere." And to top it off.. this Thursday was the 1st day he was awake the entire bus ride home!   I was happy! 

We are learning to celebrate the little things!  


Patrick loves preschool and is always asking when he gets to go again.  He is always talking about the "school bus."  And as we take them off the bus, he turns around and says "bye school bus."  It is the cutest ever.

One day, his teacher mentioned he was a bit challenging and refused to follow directions. I'm surprised she hasn't seen that side of him yet.. as he has been that way at home a few times too. :)

Also recently.. he has started doing a few things that I am sure he learned in preschool.. Makes me happy (Part of me is sad that I wasn't the one to teach him.. but oh well)

1.  When his nose is running, he'll come and grab a tissue.. wipe his nose and throw the tissue in the trash. He did this the other day while he was playing.. 

2.  More interest in washing his hands and drying them off.. I washed his hands yesterday after a snack and he kept saying "towel".  I gave him a paper towel and he efficiently dried his hands.
3.  We were eating at Hyvee on Monday and he got pizza sause all over.. this usually doesn't bug him.. but he asked for a napkin and efficiently washed it all off!  It was adorable.. Christian and I just looked at each other like.. what was that?

No more Binky!

For the past month, Patrick has only had 1 binky and we have told him it is the last one. This past week, his binky developed a hole and was doing a poor job doing what it was supposed to.  We let him suck on it for a week.. it was harder for him and he had to self-soothe himself more.

Saturday night.. we decided that it was time. He threw the binky in the trash.

Here's how our conversation goes... and we have repeated it many times! :)

Mom and Dad:  You're a big boy.. you don't need your binky

Patrick:  School Bus?

Mom and Dad:  Yes, Patrick, you're a big boy cause you ride the school bus.  Big boys who ride the school bus don't need binkies.

This afternoon.. he takes his 1st nap without the binky.. Should be an adventure.