Sunday, January 24, 2016

Happy Birthday #6 for Patrick and Payden

Patrick and Payden's birthday fell on a Sunday.. the 4th week of us adjusting to the new 1:30pm time. Typically after church, it can get a bit crazy with possible meltdowns.. so I decided to do our Birthday celebrations before lunch when everyone was in good moods. It didn't disappoint! 

We made cupcakes!  Patrick chose yellow and Payden chose blue. Payden ate his 1st ever cupcake this same week at school.. I was so excited to make cupcakes!  The gummy worms on top were a hit! 

Here's some pictures! 


Here's one of Payden loving his book he got..

Here's one of Christian and the boys playing one of the games we got Patrick!  It's not as easy as it looks! 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Family Birthday Party - January 23rd 2016

Christian's sister, Lindsay, had asked me around Christmastime if she and Andy could host the Boy's Birthday party.  Patrick and Payden love her house and I said yes!  

Here's a picture of some of the decorations she had up.. I love how this party was all about the boys and it turned out to the best birthday party by far. I just loved it! 

Little did Aunt Lindsay know.. weeks before this party.. Payden had been a little obsessed with a Curious George book with a pinata in it.  He was SO excited that she had a pinata for him to hit!  Each time he hit it, he would turn out and while jumping up and down said,  "I hit the pinata."  It was so much fun for them!

Patrick loved it too!

I loved seeing the facial expressions of Christian.. he had a lot of fun too!

Finally Christian and I got a few whacks at it and it burst everywhere!  I absolutely love this picture of Payden finding suckers (his favorite and really only candy he'll eat). He was unwrapping them!

Here's one of Patrick - he was so excited about the candy..

Then while we waited for the pizza to come, we unwrapped some of the gifts.  This turned out to be perfect to do some gifts now and then some later. I definitely will push to do it this way each time!

This picture is a HUGE milestone for Payden... Look at those fine motor skills at work!  First year he was actually interested in opening!

Patrick had finished unwrapping this one - lots of crayons and markers from Aunt Brooke.  Elena and Violet are also in the picture.

After lunch of pizza from Dominoes, it was time for cake!  A Snake or caterpillar (depended on what child you asked) made by Christian's mom.  Very Good!

Here's a couple more of some of the gifts... taken at a later date to show here.

A bike for Patrick from Grandma.

Lindsay and Andy wanted to buy clothes and chose to buy Church Suit Coats complete with shoes!  They're size 6 so they'll fit really well for next year at least!   They look so grown up!

Lindsay and Andy got Payden got a Sit Disk, to go on his chair so he can move around while he sits. That night he was using it as a pillow to watch TV I think.  He also got the Buckle Backpack which he uses on Sundays to put his Sensory Tools. I love it.  In the background, you cans see the piano/keyboard that they gave Patrick. It was hit as well!