Saturday, July 14, 2012

Playing in the Rain

On Friday, we had a rainy morning and it was so much fun.  After breakfast, Patrick and Payden wanted to play on the Patio and it was just lightly sprinkling but they loved it!

After we ate lunch, Patrick wanted to come outside with me to take the diapers to the trash and then we stayed outside while they played outside.  Both had so much fun in the rain and finding puddles to play in.

Here are some memories we made!

First a video:

Then some pictures:

Patrick transfering water from bucket to bucket. These are our neighbors that she puts to collect rain water from the gutter.  The entire time he's doing this he's getting wetter and wetter. 

Like this:

And This: 

He has realized now too to run over and look at the pictures that I take.  It's super cute!  
And here's another:

Pyaden, as you can hear from the video and is making a ton of noise but running back and forth between me and our neighbor's front porch. 

 Really big close-up

Both of them had SO much fun playing in the rain!  I had to remind myself of that very fact when I had to change both of their clothes yet again when we came inside.  I find I change their clothes a lot in the summertime.  It's fun though, my boys LOVE water!