Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bus Trip to the Library

The last week before school started I wanted to do something fun with the boys. However, I didn't have a car.  We have enjoyed the use of a 2nd car for a year now but now we are down to 1 car. I know they loved the bus so I thought we'd take the public bus to the renovated, new Library downtown.

They loved it!

The bus stop was just in front of Hyvee so maybe a couple blocks walk. We went to Hyvee first to get cash since I never have cash.  Patrick told at least 3 people working there, "we are taking the blue bus to the library." It gave me a good laugh.

Here we are waiting for the bus.  The Stroller made things easier (seems to ground Payden and gives him somewhere to sit.)

This was as we rounded the 1st corner - he was tired but seemed to LOVE the ride. 

The 1st bus took us to Walmart and then we transferred to another bus that took us downtown to the library.  It was a good 45 minute ride.  Both boys pointed out landmarks and of course all the construction vehicles. We got to the Library at about 10am.

Patrick loves the train set/duplos there.  Payden and I looked for and found his favorite books to read: Brown Bear Brown Bear, The Hungry Caterpillar and Chicka Boom Boom.

Here's a picture of Payden taken a couple weeks before at the Library. They have these new reading nooks and he couldn't resist throwing the pillows (Pillow Bombs) like we do at home. :) 

Then at a little past 11am we took the same 2 busses (but in reverse) again home. They both enjoyed their snacks on the way home.  

Here's a good pic from across the Isle - they loved it.   

**Note to self:  If I ever attempt this again: --  Bring the Dramamine. Those busses are bouncy and jerky and I got so motion-sick -