Sunday, September 27, 2009

21 Weeks and Counting

Last week we had our big 20 week ultrasound. It lasted for almost an hour.

Here are some highlights:
  • I GAINED 4 lbs. (and couldn't be happier!)
  • Baby A is 12 ounces and Baby B is 13 ounces
  • When the doctor measured me, I was measuring 24 weeks (4 weeks ahead) which is normal with twins. (at my 18th week, I was only measuring 2 weeks ahead)
  • Baby A's heart rate is 160 and Baby B's heart rate is 148. (we were told the more active they are the faster the heart rate is).
  • We Saw lots of hands and limbs this appointment.
  • Learned that the placentas are anterior attached to the uterus (however you say that). This is why I haven't been able to feel them. With it as anterior, the babies have quite a cushion to kick in order for me to feel them. My doctor said soon enough, their kicks will be hard enough
A Question to all:

I had a talk with my doctor and asked her when she thought I should be slowing down and taking it a little more easy (Maybe not walking as much, continuing to work... etc.) She told me to stay strong until something happens that would give a "reason" for me to slow down. This concerns me as I'm thinking there should be some kind of prevention before and not after the fact. Maybe my doctor isn't as strict as others but it still concerns me. Believe me, I'm not wishing to be on bed rest but I want to the absolute best for these babies in order to have them stay in there as long as possible. If that means more rest that so be it! What do you think?