Monday, July 6, 2009

9 Weeks! (First OB appointment)

Today is my 9 week mark! A lot of exciting things happened today, so I'll keep it until the last. That way you'll have to hang on till the last word.

Yesterday, we returned from our 4th of July trip. Since we both didn't have work on Friday, we decided to escape to Whidbey Island. Christian's great Aunt and Uncle live literally a block from the coast and it is so beautiful. Of course they spoiled us and Maddie with wonderful food and kept us very entertained. After driving there, we went out to the dinner at a little restaurant right on the pier in Coupeville (the closest town) and then we came back home and relaxed and talked and later cooked dinner. The next day, Saturday, Christian and I drove in to Oak Harbor (Naval Air Station) which is about 20 minutes and sat through a very long parade. I think there were approximately 60 entries. Besides getting hot, sunburned and tired, we had a lot of fun plus collected a bag of candy. We returned that afternoon, took a nap and then went into Oak Harbor again to go out to eat and watch the beautiful display of fireworks over Oak Harbor.
Maddie absolutely loves Aunt Connie and will follow her around like a Pied Piper. We both think that she would be perfectly fine if we left her there. Every where she would go, Maddie would go to. When she would open the fridge, Maddie would fall to her haunches and bark until her request was satisfied with either roast beef or chicken.. When we returned home from our little jaunts into Oak Harbor, we'd return and she would be sound asleep on the couch, curled up next her Aunt Connie.
Now on to our cute little babies. Today is my official 9 week mark and it feels good. I feel like I am getting better control of this nausea and learned more how to keep it at bay. One of the things right now that isn't my favorite is riding in the car. Hopefully that will get better. This morning we had our "graduation" appointment with the fertility specialist, Dr. D. He has been so nice and been with us from the very beginning. We got to each of our little babies. I couldn't believe how much they have grown!! From 11 mm to 2.5 cm in one week is really good! They are just under 1 inch and are starting to look like little babies. Both of their heartrates have really sped up also. Baby A (closer to the cervix) was 174 and Baby B was 172.
Then this afternoon, we had our very first OB appointment. We had a long ultrasound and then met with the nurse practitioner and then the actual OB doctor. Dr. W. seems very nice but I thought her visit with us was entirely too brief. I did have a list of questions but wish I had more! I asked about bed rest and she said it is case to case basis. She explained that she has one patient with twins on bed rest at 20 weeks and another with twins at 38 weeks working at Nordstroms. Then she told me that she would be VERY happy if I was still pregnant in the new year, 2010...
Also she said that if the babies haven't come on their own by 38 weeks, they'll take them then. I asked about if I had to have a C Section or could deliver vaginally. She said that with twins it is totally up to the babies. If both are in the "head down" position that vaginally delivery would be possible but if one is in a different position that C Section it is. Then as we left the office we made 9 more appointments. I'll have one in 3 weeks and then another 4 weeks after that. After the 16 weeks appointment, it will change to every 2 weeks. Also, she wants me to have an ultrasound, every 2 appointments for growth measurements...

And for the BEST news of all!!! The ultrasound tech let us listen to their heartbeats!! I really felt like tearing up when I heard them beating.

To the side you'll see our cute ultrasounds: