Monday, June 22, 2009

Twins! (Our little bursts of sunshine)

If you haven't noticed my new widget to the right, I'M PREGNANT and it's Twins! We can scarcely believe it! Starting off, my hormones were 3x what they should be and I have been so nauseated. Work has been hard and I have learned to always have crackers nearby. Hopefully It will only last until the 3rd trimester.

Today was our first OB ultrasound; much anticipated might I add. After what happened last time, it was such a tear-jerker as we watched for the first time, those little pictures come on the screen. As our Doctor was measuring them, we saw their heartbeats flickering and almost their whole bodies were moving. They were very healthy and doing well: measuring 11mm and both had a 144 beats per minute. We are so excited to become parents! They are due the first week of February, however with them being twins, most likely they'll come a month early!

Below is our first ultrasound picture. It makes me cry looking at it and truly knowing that the Lord knows what he's doing with our lives if we just will patiently wait upon him. There really is sunshine beyond the clouds.