Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gymnastics Gym Pictures

We have a Gymnastics gym here in Lawrence that does a toddler time on Fridays. I have gone with Christian's mom a few time and the boys love it. Last Friday, Christian didn't have work, so we decided to go and make a morning of it.

Patrick and Payden had so much fun!

Payden found this Hula Hoop, he called a "CIRCLE" and was running ALL OVER saying "CIRCLE, CIRCLE"  It was pretty funny! 

 Another "CIRCLE" picture

Patrick inside wheel thing.. he looks so relaxed! 

 I told Patrick he would run and jump in the pit one last time.. then I landed the perfect picture! 

Couple of Patrick playing. 

Payden crawling under a balance beam


At the end the December, Christian finished up a 3 month work assignment. Now we're back to the grind and  finding more contract work in order to pay the bills. He works for a company but they are finding work for other therapists too.  Needless to say, January has been a hard month for us and Christian has started looking for another job again to see how the job market is.  It's not fun.  But he had a great interview yesterday.. so we'll see.

But.. I've learned that we really have to look for that silver lining in the clouds.. that glimpse of happiness even in what seems like a ever present grey cover of clouds.

Those Glimpses: 

  • Christian is home and has been playing with the boys.  So much so.. Dada is more often requested and sought after over Mama. 
  • Christian being home the boy's first day of preschool (more on that later) and sending them on the bus together as Mom and Dad.  What an experience!
  • Having the car to go to the library or a gymnastics gym with the boys to just to run about and get rid of all that energy! 
  • I was able to spend almost 15 hours last week helping a friend pack up her house and move. I so wasn't prepared to say goodbye to her.  It was bittersweet to be able to serve her and be there for her in those final days.  If Christian would of had a full time job that week, there would be NO way for me to spend that much time with her. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Cute Pictures

Ever since we got our new computer, my old camera never has been able to transfer pictures... so we ended up buying a new one around Christmas time.

Today, I took out the Memory SD card and inserted it in our computer.  Come to find out, they transferred just perfectly by just doing that.

There were some cute pictures on there:

 Christian and the boys reading before bedtime

Even a rare picture of mom reading to them.

Snow Pictures

On New Years Eve, it started snowing and snowed all day. I loved the quiet of being in the house, just watching it snow. The week before we had bought the boys boots and snow pants (which hopefully will fit next year).

Patrick was at us all that day to go see the Snow.  He would sit and just watch the snow fall and point. Payden seemed oblivious to it.

After naps, we put 2 layers of socks, their snow bibs, and boots and coat.  In the middle of the process, Payden started fussing. I'm sure it was all new to him and he didn't want any part of it.

When we got outside.. both immediately started running and playing and I snapped a few pictures. But it all ended when both boys fell in the snow and got their hands icy.  They have never kept gloves on before.. so we didn't bother. Both started crying.. Payden more than Patrick.

I guess we'll keep trying.. but it sure was an adventure.

Here are a few pictures.

First Day of Preschool for Patrick and Payden

A little bit of background... In December, we started transitioning the boys from Tiny K Early Intervention to the School District for therapy.  It included many meetings and a lot of stress for me; hoping the boys would do okay. 

In the end.. Payden qualified for Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Pre-academics.  Patrick also qualified but just for Speech and Occupational Therapy.  Patrick should of qualified for less.. but clammed up and refused to talk much to the teachers evaluating him. 

Because Payden qualified for so much, they suggested he attend the School District Preschool for 4 days a week.  We felt like that would be too much for him and agreed to send him 2 days week. However.. we acknowledge if he acts like he needs more.. then we may increase it to four days. 

I requested Patrick also attend the Preschool since I have no car at home to bring him for therapy and they agreed Patrick could attend also.  I am so glad they are together! It has helped immensely since Patrick LOVES it so much more and is constantly talking about it. 

Below are pictures from the first day:  

Sitting on couch in their blue coats

 Sitting on the bus seat.. Payden with a book firmly gripped in his hand. Each day it has been a different book and if we forget.. he'll tell me book and will go find one. 

 And the Bus driving away.. They pick up at 7:20.. and come home about 11:30