Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gymnastics Gym Pictures

We have a Gymnastics gym here in Lawrence that does a toddler time on Fridays. I have gone with Christian's mom a few time and the boys love it. Last Friday, Christian didn't have work, so we decided to go and make a morning of it.

Patrick and Payden had so much fun!

Payden found this Hula Hoop, he called a "CIRCLE" and was running ALL OVER saying "CIRCLE, CIRCLE"  It was pretty funny! 

 Another "CIRCLE" picture

Patrick inside wheel thing.. he looks so relaxed! 

 I told Patrick he would run and jump in the pit one last time.. then I landed the perfect picture! 

Couple of Patrick playing. 

Payden crawling under a balance beam

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This place looks like so much fun!!
~Lisa Lewis~

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