Wednesday, January 16, 2013


At the end the December, Christian finished up a 3 month work assignment. Now we're back to the grind and  finding more contract work in order to pay the bills. He works for a company but they are finding work for other therapists too.  Needless to say, January has been a hard month for us and Christian has started looking for another job again to see how the job market is.  It's not fun.  But he had a great interview yesterday.. so we'll see.

But.. I've learned that we really have to look for that silver lining in the clouds.. that glimpse of happiness even in what seems like a ever present grey cover of clouds.

Those Glimpses: 

  • Christian is home and has been playing with the boys.  So much so.. Dada is more often requested and sought after over Mama. 
  • Christian being home the boy's first day of preschool (more on that later) and sending them on the bus together as Mom and Dad.  What an experience!
  • Having the car to go to the library or a gymnastics gym with the boys to just to run about and get rid of all that energy! 
  • I was able to spend almost 15 hours last week helping a friend pack up her house and move. I so wasn't prepared to say goodbye to her.  It was bittersweet to be able to serve her and be there for her in those final days.  If Christian would of had a full time job that week, there would be NO way for me to spend that much time with her. 

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