Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'll See you In the Morning

For the past couple weeks, this has been a very favorite book of Payden's. The Title is, "I'll See you in the Morning," by Mike Jolley and Mique Moriuchi.

It reads:

I'll see you in the Morning. For now it's time to sleep.
I will stay and watch a while Till you are counting sheep

Don't be afraid of Darkness Don't be afraid my sweet.
The Night is just a blanket that helps the earth to sleep.

Creatures great and Creatures small will all be sleeping soon.
Under the same blanket...

...Under the same Moon.

So Close your eyes and go to sleep by the light of the Moon above
I'll see you in the morning in the light of the sun my love.

Dream your dream of moon beams. Let the night become your friend
The twinkling starts will keep you safe till morning comes again.

I"ll be here if you need me. I'm only steps away.
So close your eyes and go to sleep
and dream of a brand new day.

Good Night... Sleep Tight... ... I"ll see you in the morning!

After cleaning up lunch today, I rounded the corner of the kitchen to the living room and this is what I saw. Payden sitting in Daddy's recliner and reading page by page in his favorite book.

I have to admit there were days last week, I hid this book and only brought it out at bedtime since some days I had read it more than 10 times. It has such a sweet message and has the power to help me remember the importance of my purpose in raising these two wonderful boys!