Monday, April 8, 2013

Our Friday Adventure

On Friday, after probably too much thinking, I decided to go ahead and try something new for the day.  Lindsay, Christian's sister had asked me to meet her at her house in Gardner (40 min away) and go to a Consignment Sale.  These sales are huge and usually there are some great deals!

I spent the morning packing a bag with a few of favorite books of Payden's and a snack for the boys for the morning.   Plus I packed a quick lunch for the boys to supplement whatever we decided to eat for lunch.

We were on the road by 8:25 and I had brought a couple toys for the boys to play with on the short drive. Patrick pointed out cars, hills, buses, and other things he saw and asked repeatedly if we going to Andy and Lindsay's like I promised and if we were going to a park.   Payden pointed out buses and also said Lindsay (Insie) many many times.  I kept reassuring them that they would see Andy and Lindsay soon.

After we got there, Andy (Lindsay's husband) watched the boys at their house so we could go the sale together.  They bought this house about a year ago and it came with a play house and swing set in the backyard.  It couldn't be more perfect for my two boys.  Patrick spent most of his time going up and down and stairs and looking out the window.  Payden was consent to swing the day away and would tell us "push."

Patrick and "my house" as he called it. 

At one point, Lindsay and I were sitting talking on the patio, and Patrick was with us finishing his snack.  Payden was on the swing.  Patrick looked at us and said, "Bubba need a push." and he walked over to Payden and gave him a push.  Payden thought this was hilarious and just laughed and laughed!

A brother push

They also love their home as it has a loft and they both love to go up and down the stairs.  Andy thoroughly entertains them and they both love them so much!!

After getting home from the sale.. the boys played outside until lunchtime.  Lindsay made us some fabulous pizza on flat-bread tortillas which was amazing.

Then they played outside until it was time to drive home for naps.  Amazingly.. they both stayed awake in the car the whole way home! I was so sure, I would be parked in the driveway with one or both sound asleep.

It was a freeing thing to be able to drive all that way and leave our town to do something fun like this.  I never have been a confident driver and I was nervous especially driving my two sons.  But it was a great experience and I know if the opportunity arises again, I won't hesitate.

More pictures from the day:

Patrick going down the stairs

 Payden in his swing (with his snacks)

 Payden getting the last morsel of yogurt off his bib

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pictures from Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend was a busy one for us. We woke early to drove to Lenexa where the boys babysat the kids and us girls went to a Consignment sale.   The guys took them to a park and Patrick and Payden enjoyed it!  

We came back to Grandma and Grandpas and had a huge Easter Feast:  Ham, BBQ Brisket, Scalloped potatoes, Green Beans with Bacon and Caprino Cheese, Baked Beans, and Monkey Bread.  It was a wonderful lunch.  

After cleaning up, we put together the Easter Egg hunt for the Patrick and Payden first in the front yard. I was so happy the weather was beautiful! The boys walked around and found their eggs and then sat on the blanket, opening them and eating them. 

Payden finding all the raisins in his eggs, he handed me the jelly beans, goldfish and teddy grahams he didn't want. 

Payden eating rasins - by the handful

Payden playing with the shape sorter - in Grampa's chair.

 Aunt Lindsay's super cute Easter Egg Baskets for the boys - Carrots int he Grass!  She included, Raisins, goldfish and teddy grahams and also little toys in each one. They were fun to open and find Easter Morning.

While the boys opened their eggs, us adults made a fool of ourselves running around the house finding Easter Candy.  I think we have enough! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First Visit to the Dentist

Today was Patrick and Payden's first visit to the Dentist. I have worried about this for many, many days and was a wreck this morning. How I wish it would have been a better experience but all in all; it kind of went as expected.

I chose a Pediatric Dentistry knowing that it was going to be a hard experience and what better place to take them to then a place that already knew kids and were used to them!  I made the right choice!

We knew going in it was going to be hard for Payden as he HATES getting his teeth brushed and we know from his sensory profile from the Occupational Therapist that he is Oral Hypersensitive.  It basically means he has hyper-sensitivity to anything touching his mouth or teeth. It has explained his drool and also his very picky eating.  You may think how I describe this to be cruel but right now, it's kind of our way of life and we pray everyday we can find ways to help Payden.

I met Christian's mom there  (no, I didn't brave this alone) and we waited for the boys to be called back.  First they sat on the Butterfly and took pictures, so far so good.  Payden had to have a toy from the Lobby to play with.. I figured it was fine. While the Hygienist (Melody) talked to us about the schedule the boys played on the dental chairs. It was pretty cute as they figured out the slopping chair made a great slide!

Patrick went first and was hesitant.  It took awhile for him to let the Melody to get her fingers and brush in but he eventually was quite the little champ!  He chose green as he tooth brush and she used it as she put the toothpaste on.

Here is a picture I got.

And also a video of Patrick:   
Hard as I don't have one of Payden - but I don't want him to remember it that way

Now Payden was a little rough, but he's like that at home. Probably why we only brush them 3 times a week.  We tried Payden in the chair but he was horrified when it laid down.  So we tried him on my lap and that didn't work.  Next I sat in a chair with him facing me and then his head in the Melody's lap.  We got his teeth cleaned the best we could, and he cried the whole time.

Payden then played a game on my phone to calm down.  We tried putting a video on my phone and/or game while he was getting his teeth cleaned but it didn't work.   Then the Dr came and took a quick look at both and put some florides in.  Both the same.. Patrick was hesitant and Payden hated it which quickly turned into a meldown but we weathered through it and checked out.

It's over - I keep telling myself that.. for another six months anyway!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Videos from the Past week

I took 3 videos from the past week..

We have a ball pit that the boys got for their birthday.  We found a wooden board and it is now the slide to go into the balls.  It has kept them very entertained!

On Easter night, it was just beautiful so we took Patrick and Payden on the Golf Course.  Payden started tackling Patrick and when it happened once, I brought out my phone.  I've only seen them do this on our bed. 

And here is another beautiful day at the park - They love parks!