Monday, April 8, 2013

Our Friday Adventure

On Friday, after probably too much thinking, I decided to go ahead and try something new for the day.  Lindsay, Christian's sister had asked me to meet her at her house in Gardner (40 min away) and go to a Consignment Sale.  These sales are huge and usually there are some great deals!

I spent the morning packing a bag with a few of favorite books of Payden's and a snack for the boys for the morning.   Plus I packed a quick lunch for the boys to supplement whatever we decided to eat for lunch.

We were on the road by 8:25 and I had brought a couple toys for the boys to play with on the short drive. Patrick pointed out cars, hills, buses, and other things he saw and asked repeatedly if we going to Andy and Lindsay's like I promised and if we were going to a park.   Payden pointed out buses and also said Lindsay (Insie) many many times.  I kept reassuring them that they would see Andy and Lindsay soon.

After we got there, Andy (Lindsay's husband) watched the boys at their house so we could go the sale together.  They bought this house about a year ago and it came with a play house and swing set in the backyard.  It couldn't be more perfect for my two boys.  Patrick spent most of his time going up and down and stairs and looking out the window.  Payden was consent to swing the day away and would tell us "push."

Patrick and "my house" as he called it. 

At one point, Lindsay and I were sitting talking on the patio, and Patrick was with us finishing his snack.  Payden was on the swing.  Patrick looked at us and said, "Bubba need a push." and he walked over to Payden and gave him a push.  Payden thought this was hilarious and just laughed and laughed!

A brother push

They also love their home as it has a loft and they both love to go up and down the stairs.  Andy thoroughly entertains them and they both love them so much!!

After getting home from the sale.. the boys played outside until lunchtime.  Lindsay made us some fabulous pizza on flat-bread tortillas which was amazing.

Then they played outside until it was time to drive home for naps.  Amazingly.. they both stayed awake in the car the whole way home! I was so sure, I would be parked in the driveway with one or both sound asleep.

It was a freeing thing to be able to drive all that way and leave our town to do something fun like this.  I never have been a confident driver and I was nervous especially driving my two sons.  But it was a great experience and I know if the opportunity arises again, I won't hesitate.

More pictures from the day:

Patrick going down the stairs

 Payden in his swing (with his snacks)

 Payden getting the last morsel of yogurt off his bib

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