Monday, March 21, 2011

What we've been up to....

Well, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous! We've taken walks multiple times and enjoyed the wonderful sunshine. We explored a new park swung for a long time on the swings.

We also introduced the boys to french fries. Patrick LOVED the french fries as long as they were dipped in ketchup and ate so many that Christian finally bought him his own small fry! Payden is still deciding, maybe another time!

We even took a ride in the school bus while we did our grocery shopping at Hyvee.

And we rode in the big clumsy cart in Walmart since we forgot the stroller that day.

We had some very scary few days with Maddie being very sick. She had a viral infection that was producing lots of snot and lots of diarrhea. I know, gross, right! Christian took her to the vet that his mom works at and they looked at her and admitted her for 3 days for dehydration and severe diarrhea. After their loving care and much $$ later, we have our wonderful Maddie back. She's not totally 100% but a whole lot better than she was before it all started. We are so grateful for her in our lives!

The boys have been very busy learning new things:

Patrick pulled himself standing for the first time last Wednesday and by Saturday and Sunday he had perfected it. Now he's not content unless he's standing and pulling the lamp off the end table. Oh, and did I mention, he likes the stairs now. I am always surrounded by dog gates. Also, he clapped for the first time! It was the cutest thing. You help him clap as you sing, "If you're happy and you know it" and then he'll continue clapping. Another thing that loves is escaping out the door and down the sidewalk. He used to just sit in front of the door but not anymore. He was so determined to play in the dirt the other day that let him until he thought that it might taste good. He spit that right out; and then I took a picture. Probably not the last time he'll eat mud!

Payden is now walking with assistance! You can either hold his hands and he'll walk with you or put him behind his little car. It's not many steps because he'll just drop when he's tired but it is so cute! He also has become quite the little jabberbox. Sure wish I knew what he was talking about. Did I mention that he LOVES to read books. While Patrick is ALL over the place and getting into trouble, Payden will just go through our box of books, reading books to himself. Don't get me wrong, he plays too and also likes to get into trouble but he loves books!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

RTT - Random Thoughts Thursday

Here's some random happenings of today...

  • When I put Payden down for naps, and he isn't ready to sleep he'll start fussing. I go in there and he throws his blanket and pacifier out for me to pick up. Usually it's just his pacifier but now the blanket has been added. For which reason, I don't know. :)
  • Yesterday, I noticed Maddie wasn't feeling well. She spent a lot of time on the couch and just wanted to snuggle in my lap. I let her as much as possible. She also has started refusing to go up or down the stairs and instead stopping on a stair and curling up and sleeping. We thought maybe it was arthritis (she is 8 in people years which is like 50 for dogs) but then this morning I came out of the shower to find that I needed to wash our bedding. She had vomited and it had soaked through. Lovely! Hopefully this was the reason for her behavior yesterday and today. It could be too, our Maddie girl is getting older.
  • Today at lunch, I cooked a breaded chicken filet for the boys with high hopes that they would eat it. I even put a little pile of Ranch Dressing on their tray to promote dipping. Payden wouldn't even touch it and just threw the pieces on the floor. Patrick actually ate a couple pieces of chicken but liked the Ranch Dressing so much more! He would dip his whole hand in and then would suck each finger until it was gone. Totally priceless!!
  • Speaking of food - I need more ideas. I have tried seemingly every toddler-friendly meal and these boys go from 1. not touching it, or eating it once and never again. I figure that they're at least getting exposure. If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears!
  • We spent some time out in the sun today. I had some pictures on my phone but none turned out. It figures since the sun was so bright and nothing looked good. The boys sure had fun crawling around. Patrick, especially starts moving his hands in every direction as soon as the door in open and LOVES to be outside. Today he just plucked blades of grass over and over again. I need to remember to get Christian to leave the stroller for me tomorrow as it is supposed to surge to 65 degrees! (Maybe if I write it here, I'll remember!)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Good News!

Well after being out of work a total of 6 days, Christian has a job!!

Here's the story of how it all went down. On Friday, he had two very good interviews in Topeka. On at a spine place that was looking to expand and another at a Ortho Rehab place. He liked both places but the 2nd was by far his favorite. Friday night, the spine place calls and asks him to come in for a second interview.

Then Sunday night, we're at his parents, celebrating his sister and her husband's birthday and his phone rings. The 2nd place, his favorite, is calling and offered him the job at the same pay that he was making at the other job. Best news! Insurance will kick in on April 1st. That's great because the old one will be gone by March 31st. So many answers to prayers. We were so lucky to find one so quick!

While this has been stressful for us, we know that the Lord is truly watching over us. We think just the fact that he was able to be hired on so quickly to another job, is a testament of that very fact! It has also been SO GOOD to have him home spending the week with us!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ch Ch Changes

Monday morning was just a normal Monday morning. About 4:15, everything changed. The boys both started making noises so I started the hot water for their bottles. Then I heard the car horn and I was excited that Christian was home from work. I love Mondays, as he's always home early and can help me with dinner.

I open the door as he is carrying a big box of stuff. I say, " What did you do, get fired." He nods his head and I'm sure my face goes ashen white. I was totally joking! I guess I didn't look close enough at the box he was carrying, thinking it was food given by one of his co-workers that has been known to give us food from time to time. We spend the next 1/2 hour, giving the boys their bottles but also talking about what really happened.

He is completely shocked as he never knew things had gotten this bad. They also told him to pack up his desk that day so no more time there. Apparently his style of communication doesn't "fit" the company, whatever that means. He kept saying that he should be more disapointed then he is. Now let me explain. Ever since we moved here, we keep finding out things are not as they said they were before Christian accepted this job. As sad as he is to now be out of a job, but excited that he can start to look for something new. In the looking process this week, we have kept finding out more things about this past job. Apparently, his past job had quite the "revolving door" reputation and it works in our favor that everyone around here seems to know that and it doesn't reflect badly on the workers that have worked there in the past.

And he has started well! He had an interview yesterday in Overland Park, then two today in Topeka and another on Monday. Supposedly the two today were "fantastic" as he says and we'll find out soon if he is offered them. Topeka would be better than Overland Park as it's only 25 minutes away! Of course Lawrence would be a dream job because we live here but maybe something else will open up over time.

We have felt peace in this transition knowing the Lord truly does know the plan for our lives and we are trusting him to show us the way. From the beginning, Christian has felt very strongly for our move here and understands that the 9 month job that brought us here was only meant to be merely a step in this direction. May we patient as the rest of the Lord's plan is revealed.
On Wednesday, Christian and I took Patrick and Payden to McDonald's for lunch. As of this week, Christian has been spending the majority of his time at home. I'll have to do a blog post of why that is at a later time. Suffice to say, we've been enjoying having him home more!

We got to McDonald's and ordered our food. Because it wasn't actually time for lunch yet, the boys were content to sit in their high chairs and just watch us. We sat by the machine that dispenses soda and they spent their time watching people come and go. I loved how they were so enthralled with all the people. After we ate, we fed them their lunch.

After lunch, it was time for play! Here's some pictures that I caught on my phone. I wish they were better quality but they are pictures!

Payden - all laid back as he was eating in his highchair.

Patrick - loving the screen in the play area

Payden - standing up to the turtle

Patrick - looking at people - instead of mom taking the picture.