Friday, March 4, 2011

Ch Ch Changes

Monday morning was just a normal Monday morning. About 4:15, everything changed. The boys both started making noises so I started the hot water for their bottles. Then I heard the car horn and I was excited that Christian was home from work. I love Mondays, as he's always home early and can help me with dinner.

I open the door as he is carrying a big box of stuff. I say, " What did you do, get fired." He nods his head and I'm sure my face goes ashen white. I was totally joking! I guess I didn't look close enough at the box he was carrying, thinking it was food given by one of his co-workers that has been known to give us food from time to time. We spend the next 1/2 hour, giving the boys their bottles but also talking about what really happened.

He is completely shocked as he never knew things had gotten this bad. They also told him to pack up his desk that day so no more time there. Apparently his style of communication doesn't "fit" the company, whatever that means. He kept saying that he should be more disapointed then he is. Now let me explain. Ever since we moved here, we keep finding out things are not as they said they were before Christian accepted this job. As sad as he is to now be out of a job, but excited that he can start to look for something new. In the looking process this week, we have kept finding out more things about this past job. Apparently, his past job had quite the "revolving door" reputation and it works in our favor that everyone around here seems to know that and it doesn't reflect badly on the workers that have worked there in the past.

And he has started well! He had an interview yesterday in Overland Park, then two today in Topeka and another on Monday. Supposedly the two today were "fantastic" as he says and we'll find out soon if he is offered them. Topeka would be better than Overland Park as it's only 25 minutes away! Of course Lawrence would be a dream job because we live here but maybe something else will open up over time.

We have felt peace in this transition knowing the Lord truly does know the plan for our lives and we are trusting him to show us the way. From the beginning, Christian has felt very strongly for our move here and understands that the 9 month job that brought us here was only meant to be merely a step in this direction. May we patient as the rest of the Lord's plan is revealed.

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Kristine said...

Valerie!!! The exact same thing happened to us in iowa when Ellie was 1 year old. Darik shows up at home at 3 in the afternoon and it weirded me out and I joked, "what did you get laid off or something?" Yep. Total gut check. It's amazing how the Lord can be doing good things for your family even if it doesn't seem like it? I know you'll end up where you're supposed to!

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