Thursday, March 10, 2011

RTT - Random Thoughts Thursday

Here's some random happenings of today...

  • When I put Payden down for naps, and he isn't ready to sleep he'll start fussing. I go in there and he throws his blanket and pacifier out for me to pick up. Usually it's just his pacifier but now the blanket has been added. For which reason, I don't know. :)
  • Yesterday, I noticed Maddie wasn't feeling well. She spent a lot of time on the couch and just wanted to snuggle in my lap. I let her as much as possible. She also has started refusing to go up or down the stairs and instead stopping on a stair and curling up and sleeping. We thought maybe it was arthritis (she is 8 in people years which is like 50 for dogs) but then this morning I came out of the shower to find that I needed to wash our bedding. She had vomited and it had soaked through. Lovely! Hopefully this was the reason for her behavior yesterday and today. It could be too, our Maddie girl is getting older.
  • Today at lunch, I cooked a breaded chicken filet for the boys with high hopes that they would eat it. I even put a little pile of Ranch Dressing on their tray to promote dipping. Payden wouldn't even touch it and just threw the pieces on the floor. Patrick actually ate a couple pieces of chicken but liked the Ranch Dressing so much more! He would dip his whole hand in and then would suck each finger until it was gone. Totally priceless!!
  • Speaking of food - I need more ideas. I have tried seemingly every toddler-friendly meal and these boys go from 1. not touching it, or eating it once and never again. I figure that they're at least getting exposure. If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears!
  • We spent some time out in the sun today. I had some pictures on my phone but none turned out. It figures since the sun was so bright and nothing looked good. The boys sure had fun crawling around. Patrick, especially starts moving his hands in every direction as soon as the door in open and LOVES to be outside. Today he just plucked blades of grass over and over again. I need to remember to get Christian to leave the stroller for me tomorrow as it is supposed to surge to 65 degrees! (Maybe if I write it here, I'll remember!)

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