Monday, March 7, 2011

Good News!

Well after being out of work a total of 6 days, Christian has a job!!

Here's the story of how it all went down. On Friday, he had two very good interviews in Topeka. On at a spine place that was looking to expand and another at a Ortho Rehab place. He liked both places but the 2nd was by far his favorite. Friday night, the spine place calls and asks him to come in for a second interview.

Then Sunday night, we're at his parents, celebrating his sister and her husband's birthday and his phone rings. The 2nd place, his favorite, is calling and offered him the job at the same pay that he was making at the other job. Best news! Insurance will kick in on April 1st. That's great because the old one will be gone by March 31st. So many answers to prayers. We were so lucky to find one so quick!

While this has been stressful for us, we know that the Lord is truly watching over us. We think just the fact that he was able to be hired on so quickly to another job, is a testament of that very fact! It has also been SO GOOD to have him home spending the week with us!


------------------------------- said...

Wow. I am so happy for you guys!!


Emma said...

Valerie, that is such good news! I am excited for you. I hope this job will be much better for Christian!

Beverly Jones said...'s always a good thing to have a job. That darn money doesn't grow on trees. Best of Luck.

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