Saturday, November 12, 2011

Daylight Savings Mix ups

Daylight savings was a rude wake-up (literally) at our house. Before the one hour change, Patrick was already waking up at six. We were dreading it and now a week after we know the horrors. The Saturday of the change, we took the boys to see Christian's Mom and take Maddie to the vet. The boys had a blast playing at the mall play place and Carousel. I really wish we had a mall here.

After we ate lunch, we started driving home and the boys fell asleep for 30 minutes. We thought we'd just transfer them to their beds. When we got home though they were AWAKE and wouldn't not go to sleep. So that night we put them to bed about 7:30 (6:30 new time) because of the 30 min nap. They woke up at 4:45 (new time) the next morning. Both were coughing pretty cranky but wide awake. We decided against church in order to see if we could somehow sneak 2 naps in. In the end they took a nap in the morning and missed the one in the afternoon.

The next week just got WORSE. We had 4:30, 5:15, 5:30, and 6:00 wake-ups. Today was 5:45 which was okay. Because of the early wake-ups, naps also have been all messed up because they are so tired. I feel like they don't get good naps and then go to bed early to start the wole cycle again! Wish I could get them to go back asleep after but to no avail. I have decided they don't get out of their cribs till 6 but it's so hard when it's mostly Patrick waking early and then he wakes his brother with his jabbering. At least they're still in their cribs; I do have that.

Hopefully this next week, we'll somehow adjust and keep at six o'clock wake ups... I could be happy with that! It's definitely a learning experience.

Catch up with the Benedicts - Halloween

We dressed the boys as cowboys for Halloween this year. They had their red plaid shirts and jeans and their cowboy hats. Plus they had their bandana. Christian's mom asked if I wanted her to buy play holsters/guns but I told her no. I didn't want play guns until they understood what they were for and how to treat them. My luck they would just put the end of it in their mouths. Plus at almost two, I thought they were too young. Christian agreed though he thought they looked more like farmers than cowboys. I'll let you judge for yourself.

Here's the only picture I have, when I have more from Lindsay, I'll post them here.

We took them to the Ward Trunk or Treat the Saturday before and I think it was a little overwhelming. To save their little legs, we put them in the stroller and Payden was done in very little time. When I ran out of candy to pass out to other kids, I joined Christian and we took the boys around.

The boys still didn't understand the whole "asking for candy thing" which was okay by me. In the end Patrick has realized that candy tasted pretty good. So far he likes Starbursts, Reeses Pieces, and licorice. Now and then he'll find a wrapper lying around and bring it to me to ask for some.