Saturday, May 25, 2013


Today we bought Patrick and Payden a new swimming pool. Their one from last year has a whole bunch of balls in it and has a lot of holes. We actually bought two.  One to replace the other one.

It was an adventure getting it home since Patrick wanted to "jumpy jump in the water" right away and was very upset to learn it was for AFTER nap.

After their nap... we put swim diapers on and their swim trucks (that were still 18m but still fit!) and let them play.  It was interesting as this year.. they said the water is cold and they took a while to get used to it and last year.. they both climbed in and splashed even though water was freezing.

Here are pictures!   And a video at the very end  (Warning: the video has a sad ending to it)

Video:  Warning: (This has a sad ending) - but it was happy enough.

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