Thursday, September 12, 2013

Random Thoughts (Pictures) Thursday

Here are a bunch of random pictures .. in no particular order - 

Payden - just gotten out of the swing - he always takes a book to swing with and read.  This time:  Baby Bear, Baby Bear

After nap reading - In a People House I believe.. Payden loves Daddy's Chair

 Gorgeous Pic from our Royal's Game last Saturday.  Christan's mom watched the kids and it went really well. I was super nervous but loved the little "getaway" 

Patrick, my helper at Aldi. You bag your own groceries and he loves to help! 

 Messy downstairs room - we moved a couch downstairs - great idea!! 

And a few pictures of Maddie

Dressed in the Boy's pajama top - she was posing so well! 

And two pictures of her sound asleep - relishing the quite house to take naps ALL DAY LONG. (I think it would be rather nice to be a pug for a day - or an hour!) 

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Amy said...

I love all the photos on the right of the boys as babies and growing up. It's crazy how fast it happens. ;)

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