Saturday, October 12, 2013

First day of Preschool - September 3rd 2013

Patrick and Payden had their first day of Preschool on September 3rd, 2013.  We were able to get them School District Spots (due to their IEP's) and also they get to ride the bus.  Thank goodness they have the bus system down from last time!  

They started Preschool at the Language Acquisition Preschool (or LAP).  It is a preschool directed by Speech Therapists and they each of their own Speech Therapist assigned to work with him through out the year. There are 18 kids in the class and it is a crazy class as most of the kids are 3 and really young.  

One of the Best things about this preschool is the fact that I can observe them through a one-way window.  It has been hard at times to sit in that room (sometimes crying) as I see some needs of Payden not being met. After one particular hard week with a few new meltdowns, I realized we needed to add some Deep Pressure (Jumping) into his day.  Now he jumps 2 sets of 25 jumps every day when he gets off the bus and before Free Play begins.  I was so happy to see changes in him when we started that. 


Payden was so so happy for the school bus to come!  I got a few really great shots!  He's holding onto his "bus book"  (It's his visual schedule showing him pictures I've taken like :  Breakfast, swing, coat, school bus, school)  It helps with transitions like circle time through the day. 

Then both of them together.

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