Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First Visit to the Dentist

Today was Patrick and Payden's first visit to the Dentist. I have worried about this for many, many days and was a wreck this morning. How I wish it would have been a better experience but all in all; it kind of went as expected.

I chose a Pediatric Dentistry knowing that it was going to be a hard experience and what better place to take them to then a place that already knew kids and were used to them!  I made the right choice!

We knew going in it was going to be hard for Payden as he HATES getting his teeth brushed and we know from his sensory profile from the Occupational Therapist that he is Oral Hypersensitive.  It basically means he has hyper-sensitivity to anything touching his mouth or teeth. It has explained his drool and also his very picky eating.  You may think how I describe this to be cruel but right now, it's kind of our way of life and we pray everyday we can find ways to help Payden.

I met Christian's mom there  (no, I didn't brave this alone) and we waited for the boys to be called back.  First they sat on the Butterfly and took pictures, so far so good.  Payden had to have a toy from the Lobby to play with.. I figured it was fine. While the Hygienist (Melody) talked to us about the schedule the boys played on the dental chairs. It was pretty cute as they figured out the slopping chair made a great slide!

Patrick went first and was hesitant.  It took awhile for him to let the Melody to get her fingers and brush in but he eventually was quite the little champ!  He chose green as he tooth brush and she used it as she put the toothpaste on.

Here is a picture I got.

And also a video of Patrick:   
Hard as I don't have one of Payden - but I don't want him to remember it that way

Now Payden was a little rough, but he's like that at home. Probably why we only brush them 3 times a week.  We tried Payden in the chair but he was horrified when it laid down.  So we tried him on my lap and that didn't work.  Next I sat in a chair with him facing me and then his head in the Melody's lap.  We got his teeth cleaned the best we could, and he cried the whole time.

Payden then played a game on my phone to calm down.  We tried putting a video on my phone and/or game while he was getting his teeth cleaned but it didn't work.   Then the Dr came and took a quick look at both and put some florides in.  Both the same.. Patrick was hesitant and Payden hated it which quickly turned into a meldown but we weathered through it and checked out.

It's over - I keep telling myself that.. for another six months anyway!


Mommy of Many Hats said...

Thanks for looking at my blog and choosing to follow! We know all about hyper and hypo sensitivities here. You are definitely not alone on that one! :) I feel your pain. Hooray the day is over. My 4 year old son despise baths, especially washing his hair. It has been a miracle to get him to bathe twice a week. Your boys are absolutely adorable!

Susan Horby said...

Susan Horby
You made it mum without having a heart attack. Going to the dentist for the first is scary enough, but to add to that super sensitive teeth, good for Payden. I could not imagine what went through his mind. Also, it is great you will have memories of the day because the first never happens again for these two. Congrats.

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