Monday, February 4, 2013

No more Binky!

For the past month, Patrick has only had 1 binky and we have told him it is the last one. This past week, his binky developed a hole and was doing a poor job doing what it was supposed to.  We let him suck on it for a week.. it was harder for him and he had to self-soothe himself more.

Saturday night.. we decided that it was time. He threw the binky in the trash.

Here's how our conversation goes... and we have repeated it many times! :)

Mom and Dad:  You're a big boy.. you don't need your binky

Patrick:  School Bus?

Mom and Dad:  Yes, Patrick, you're a big boy cause you ride the school bus.  Big boys who ride the school bus don't need binkies.

This afternoon.. he takes his 1st nap without the binky.. Should be an adventure.

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