Sunday, January 24, 2016

Happy Birthday #6 for Patrick and Payden

Patrick and Payden's birthday fell on a Sunday.. the 4th week of us adjusting to the new 1:30pm time. Typically after church, it can get a bit crazy with possible meltdowns.. so I decided to do our Birthday celebrations before lunch when everyone was in good moods. It didn't disappoint! 

We made cupcakes!  Patrick chose yellow and Payden chose blue. Payden ate his 1st ever cupcake this same week at school.. I was so excited to make cupcakes!  The gummy worms on top were a hit! 

Here's some pictures! 


Here's one of Payden loving his book he got..

Here's one of Christian and the boys playing one of the games we got Patrick!  It's not as easy as it looks! 

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