Thursday, April 17, 2014

LAP Preschool Field Trip - Natural History Museum

In the middle of April, Patrick and Payden's preschool class were taking a field trip. I was incredibly nervous about the trip and decided that I probably should be there too. I was surprised it went as well as it did. 

Their Preschool is on the University of Kansas Campus so the class (and parents and teachers) walked to the Natural History Museum on Campus. We  went up a whole bunch of stairs and all the way across campus.  It was so cold, I had even made sure they wore their hats! 

Here are the pictures I took: 

Payden looking at the Seals  (Sorry little blurry)

Preschool classed sitting down, waiting for the go-ahead to go explore. Payden was in mid stride to come see me. 

Payden playing with a button at an exhibit

Patrick looking thru a Microscope at bugs, I think 

By the time we reached this last room - Payden was just done and kept asking to "go bye bye". He did so well though! He's reading his family book that I had in my purse for him just in case.

 Patrick in the tunnel with classmates

This is a classroom picture. I love this and couldn't believe after all that - Payden sat so well with his class for pictures!   Patrick also loves this picture as he points out each of his classmates. I am amazed at his memory for all their names. 

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