Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Decorations 2013

We put up out decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I love to have the decorations up early as it is a great reminder of the Christmas season.

For the first 3 weeks or so - this is our tree.  And it's been our tree for 10 years. I pushed for a bigger tree this year but it just wasn't in our budget.  But beautiful just same.

Pic of the Nativity / Wise Men sign / and Picture of Christ

 A Close-up of the Nativity and Wise Men.  Our RS Presidency made these last year for all the sisters, I love mine! 

Then, Christian's mom found a tree at Walgreen's on Clearance.  It was only $10 and fully decorated except the lights didn't work.  So we undid the dead lights (took a couple hours) and then put new ones on.  It is a gorgeous tree!

Here's one view:

 Here's another view.

I love it!  -

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Andrea said...

I just saw this entry! I'm SO glad you got a big, beautiful tree!!

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