Friday, October 31, 2014

LAP - Preschool Halloween 2014

Patrick and Payden's Preschool always has a Halloween parade.  They dress in their costumes and then as a class, they walk around KU campus trick or treating.  Teachers have "placed" candy to students along the way to help pass out candy.  I had prepared Payden all week using the visual schedule from last year about what was going to happen.  I was so happy that my preparation paid off!  When the time came, tho I was stuck at the Dealership getting the car fixed and missed the whole thing.  :(

Betty, the director, said they both did very well.  Payden agreed to wear the vest only which was fine. he seemed to really enjoy himself. As he came off the bus he said, "Happy Halloween, put on costume."  It was really cute!   Patrick, of course, just wanted to dig into his huge bag of candy.  I asked him what he wanted for lunch and he said, "my candy." 

Here's a Class Picture - 

Parade - Trick or Treating 

 Sitting down to take a break

 More Trick or Treating

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