Monday, January 10, 2011

Adventures in Eating Out With Twins!

For Christmas we received a few Gift Cards for some restaurants around our town. We really enjoy going out to new places and of course we have our favorites. Since we had the boys, this was something that we just had to cut out from our budget. We just didn't have the money for it. Since then, Christian has lost over 30 lbs by just eating at home; not to mention healthier too.

Here are some of our experiences from the 2 places that we went to over the last couple weeks.

On the Border:
  • Boys did super super well. We had many comments about the boys how cute they looked and people asking if they were really twins. I can't count how many times we get asked that question!
  • I ordered a yummy Burrito and it was made wrong. Tons of Onions! The Waiter apologized and then didn't end up charging us for it all. Then he also threw in extra chips and salsa. I guess he didn't want any complaint from us.
  • We did feel bad as there were things all over the floor. I need to research what the proper etiquette is for taking kids out to eat.
  • As the couple next to us were leaving they said, "Those were the best behaved kids at a restaurant, we've ever seen. I wondered if they were just saying that because I didn't think they were ALL that good. Maybe they were trying to give us a boost!
  • Patrick decided he wanted salsa and made a grab for it and almost had it ALL over the front of him.
  • High chairs were a little open for our boys who kept slouching and it made it harder to feed them... Next time I wonder if it would be better to bring their boosters.
  • A whole bunch of, "how cute, are those twins." and another comment, "they look just like dolls."
  • Love the high chairs and it kept them right at the table and they really loved it. They actually seemed to eat better or maybe they were just hungrier, I don't know.
  • As we left, an older gentleman told us, "I really enjoyed watching you and your little children, they were so cute." That really made us feel good!
Plus the food was yummy too.. Although taking kids out to eat doesn't give you much time to really "enjoy" the food but you enjoy it all the same because it's not the same foods we cook all the time either. Plus it gets me OUT of the house! Yay for that!


Julia said...

You are brave, Valerie! We still haven't braved a restaurant with the girls. So glad you had a good experience. We've been asked the, "Are they twins?" question about a million times--so funny!

Lind Family said...

Glad you've been able to get out a little bit! As for etiquette, I always feel bad leaving a mess. Obviously kids will be messy but I try to limit it. If there is food all over the floor, I do try to pick up the big pieces. I refuse to let my little ones smear food all over the table, but that is just me.

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