Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Patrick and Payden!!

Happy Birthday Patrick and Payden! *

Dear my two boys,

This day is the one year anniversary of your birthday; the day you came into the world. We, your parents, have been waiting so long for this day to come. We had been married 6 1/2 years when you finally made your entrance.

We love you so much and now can't imagine our life without the TWO of you to share it with. Yes, now that your crawling and exploring everything, life has gotten especially tough for Mom all day. Carrying you both up and down stairs used to be easy but now it's an exercise in weight lifting and tuning your mother's biceps. As you've gotten older, it's allowed us to see your personalities more and more.

Payden, we love how you dance to any and all music. Once you stand up to any surface, you just start dancing and moving your body. We laugh so much at the joy it brings us. We love your abundance of hair and know that we probably should look into getting a hair cut before another person asks if you are a little girl. You love to smile and also crawl as fast as you possibly can to get your dad when he comes in the door from work. You are a lover of everything banana and as such, it is hard to get you to eat anything else!!

Patrick, since you started crawling the Sunday before your birthday. You've been into everything! Forget the toys, you love drawers of any kind to open and close them. Unfortunately, the most fun for you is to empty that drawer of its contents! You absolutely love dad's DVD shelf and love to take them off; much to dad's chagrin. On Saturday, you discovered goldfish crackers for the first time and love them. We love that you always try a new food once and love to eat! Your hair is finally started to grow in and it's a bit curly in the back. You are definitely one determined little boy and won't stop until you figure out something new!

We love you so much,


* - My 12 month (1 year) post will be posted later as we're waiting on a re-weigh for Patrick when we take them for shots this week.

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