Friday, September 30, 2011

This week: In Pictures

Monday - I made some delicious cinnamon rolls. They were SO good!
Find the recipe here.

Tuesday - Patrick for some reason LOVED to sit on the grass. This picture shows him looking up on our neighbor's patio to see their dog. It was cute that he just sat since he is always on the go these days! I'd like to label it "The Thinker."

Also on Tuesday...Payden got his first safety pin! For the life of him, his pants WOULD not stay up. The length was perfect though! I guess it's because of his no waist or bum!

Wednesday - Patrick has started to become obsessed with climbing IN everything. While I was cooking dinner, he emptied my canned food drawer only to climb in!

They are both into the climbing thing now. We've found (and removed) them from climbing table chairs, all couches, end tables and our bed! I'm just waiting for the kitchen table!

Thursday- we took a walk to Hyvee like we do almost daily to get some awesome sales. On the way back we saw this construction worker. Patrick started freaking out and pointing at it. Apparently I went by it too fast! I backed up and got as close as I could so he could watch and point and watch the guy work! He loved it!

Friday - Again with the climbing... Patrick climbing in Maddie's dog crate. Funny too that Payden will stand outside it and hold it shut so Patrick can't open it. Too Funny!

Also Friday - Payden finally discovered the outside! Usually he's content to stay and play inside but today Patrick ran off and found a mini hill to go UP and DOWN and did it for about 15 minutes. I ran over to get him.. he was pretty far away from the back door. I see Payden coming out walking on the grass which is SO good for him. He still has trouble with uneven surfaces so this was big! Walking back he grabbed for my hand.

He has a blast playing with a beach ball in the sun!

I'm going to get you!

I got you!

Ooh, I found a pillow!

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