Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bus Trip!

The boys and I got to ride a bus on Wednesday! We rode the bus to the library for the story time there this morning. I have wanted to do this for awhile but thought it would be nuts to do it by myself with just the two boys. So instead, we have been planning for a month with the boy's Physical Therapist and Speech Therapist through the Tiny-K program. They really want me to get out more which is super hard because I don't have a car at home. I told them that I was thinking of trying to take the bus but hadn't done so. They immediately offered to clear their schedules for an entire morning so we could all go!

What a adventure it was!

Kristin and Candice arrived right at nine and we put the boys in the stroller and walked towards the bus stop. The bus stop is right in front of the grocery story and maybe a block or so away. Very easy distance. We got there right as the bus pulled up. The boys loved it! I think they loved not being in their car seats too! They sat on their seats like big boys and LOVED looking out the window at all the cars and trucks we passed.

Patrick totally enjoying himself.. and pointing at objects out the window.

Payden is more laid back..

We took one bus for about 15 min and then transferred to another bus that took us the rest of the way downtown. I found that as we rode this particular bus it could take me to: Target, Walmart and even Checkers, a grocery store I love! Oh the possibilities!!

Then we walked for about 4 blocks to the library where we were just in time for story time. This story time is called Books and Babies and is designed for 8-23 month old children. It was all about the body they did 6 books and probably 7 songs for them. I wasn't sure how Patrick and Payden would do since they usually like to walk and explore a new place. They did some exploring toward the end but for the most part sat on or by their carpet squares with rapt attention.

One of the books, the lady read was one we had read at home together. Payden went right up to the librarian and helped her fold up the flap as she read the book. I was impressed he recognized it so well!

After it was over, I changed a Patrick's diaper and away we left to catch the bus home. Again, the boys were great. The bus trip home went pretty smooth. I think Payden wanted to walk around the bus which wasn't safe so I brought out books that he could read on the chair. Luckily a couple of these books were in our Sunday bag and it had been a few days since he had read them. Patrick was happily pointing at things out the window to Candice who was his little friend the entire time.

One of the cutest things though was Patrick singing the entire way home. He has this thing now he just throws in whatever jabber and does it in a sing-song type way. He did that the rest of the time home.. Even once we put him in the stroller for the walk home... he continued singing.

Best part of the day by far: I put boys down for nap at 1:15 and both were asleep in minutes and not ONE peep until 4:00. A wonderful nap for all!!

Even better news: We are going to do more in the future! Maybe once a month until I get to the point where I can do it all by myself.

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K Lind said...

You, my dear, are a brave woman. I can't imagine going out with two toddlers! :-) I'm glad you are able to get out more!

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