Thursday, September 8, 2011

Random Thoughts Thursday

  • I know I mentioned this but it's so darn cute and I love it. Patrick loves to point. Today he actually came and was trying to tell me something. He pulled my pant leg towards the kitchen. I kept asking him what he wanted and he was pointing up. I picked him up and he pointed toward 3 big bowls. He had one but wanted more. I think he LOVES that he can get what he wants because he now can tell us. I LOVE this communication thing!
  • This piggy-backs the last bullet point.. I know that kids at earlier ages communicate like this but for us this is big. Believe me I have worried and continue to worry so much because I know my kids are behind but they are gaining and continuing to learn; I have to keep telling myself that!
  • No one ever told me how worrisome it was to be a mother. Maybe someone did but I guess I refused to listen I worry that kids will learn everything that they need to learn at this stage of development...and worried that they are not too bored at home. It's hard to read about other kids online or even about family and hear what new things kids are doing. I try to be happy for them but then start worrying all over again. I keep telling myself that they will do things in their own time... it just needs to sink in!
  • This morning, Payden screamed for over an hour. By 10:30, I had a monster headache and didn't understand what was wrong. I have a feeling that he is really constipated. He has been on Miralax since April and it is helped immensely. Then at our family reunion in July, he found raisens and they have been a Godsend. So I gently weaned him off the Miralax and it's been maybe 2 weeks. But he's constipated again.. Yesterday morning I finally got him to go but it was so hard... I fear that his stomach is cramping and it plain just hurts. On the other hand, Patrick is as predictable as the sun... nice to have one that way.. Any suggestions on something that worked for you? He's still a picky eater and unfortunately LOVES yogurt, milk, and especially bananas...
  • A Mommy Smile moment... I was calming Payden down after lunch (he had fallen) and was reading a favorite book. I could tell Patrick wanted something. I asked him what he wanted and he pointed to my other leg that was free. He wanted up in my lap too to read the book. So cute.
  • It is getting hard to do things with just one of the boys.. because inevitably, the other comes over and wants to do the same thing or takes the book/toy away. If one wants in my lap, the other does too
  • Big sucess last night! I made Sloppy Joes and Patrick LOVED them.. It was a huge surprise. I gave him a little pile of meat and sprinkled some cheese and he ate every bit. He then ate 4 more piles. He ate 3 more piles for lunch today. This is the FIRST EVER ground beef for him and he likes it! This has opened so much for me... maybe he'll like taco meat too! :)

Random pictures from my phone... So Cute! Something to smile about!

Patrick eating breakfast..had to have Monkey in one hand.

Payden - yesterday during our walk to Hyvee. He is wearing a new jacket my mil and I found on a great sale!
Patrick- yesterday during our walk to Hyvee. He is wearing a new jacket my mil and I found on a great sale!Patrick just lounging on our new bean bag! Christian's co-worker gave it to us. They love it and so does Maddie. If ever I get a chance to sit; she paws my leg wanting to snuggle and sleep too.
I didn't pose his hands there... that was all him!

Payden during lunch.. had to have his feet up!


Andrew said...

I can't believe how big the little men are already. I just remember holding Patrick in one arm and Payden on the other as they slept on the beach last year in Florida. They are one the biggest joys of my life, and I cannot wait to see them as they grow. Valerie and Christian, you are the most loving and attentive parents, and I love to see you interact with them.
-Auntie Lindsay

Melissa Ann said...

Prunes! You have to try prunes! My girls think they are candy and I have to LIMIT them or I end up with the grosses diaper ever!

K Lind said...

Such a cute crew you have! I'm glad they are progressing so well! You are such an awesome mom!

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