Wednesday, September 7, 2011

18-19 Month Post

Patrick and Payden are now 19 months old..

Here is a bit of what they're up to!


Weight: 23 lbs (12%)
Head Circ: 19.75 inches
Height: 31.75 inches
  • Can get into to trouble in no time! His all time favorite toy are cups and it doesn't matter what kind. They are the first thing he grabs in the kitchen whether on the floor on the counter.
  • Christian's mom gave us a couple puppets (monkey and elephant) to take on the plane. After bringing Monkey to church with us a couple weeks ago.. Patrick hasn't let it out of his sight since. For a couple days, it ate every meal with us; clutched in his hand. It is about he same feel as his blanket.. maybe that's why.
  • He can make the sounds of a dog (panting), monkey (beating on chest) and fish (moving mouth). However lately everything has been monkey
  • He absolutely loves books now and has to be the one to choose the one to read next. Usually it is the same one over and over again.. Thankfully this changes daily so I get a break :)
  • Patrick is now showing us what he wants by pointing. Usually I ask him to show me what he wants and he either points outside or the fridge where his milk sippy is kept. One time it was the fruit snacks in the cupboard. Mostly it's outside; we go for walks a lot since his favorite place is to go to our neighbors and splash in bowls of water that she keeps to collect rain water.
  • He is SO close to opening doors... I hope that day doesn't come too soon.
  • I think he FINALLY has his 4 molars in after months of teething. Yay!

Weight: 22 lbs 8 oz (8%) We were so happy that he gained so much!
Head Circ: 20 inches
Height: 32 inches
  • Payden has just started to jabber and it's the cutest thing ever! Mostly it's Ba Ba and Ya Ya. Then it switched to Da Da Da. I think that's either for Doggie or Daddy.
  • A full fledged walker! Happened right exactly 18 months and he is getting so much better. He still has a hard time on certain surfaces and has had a few bonks to show for it!
  • One of his clear favorites are books. He will just sit and look at a book. If he's fussing at me and I'm making dinner.. Usually if I hand him a book, he'll sit down and look at it.
  • He has just started escaping upstairs and usually without me knowing about it. Once I heard Patrick carrying on (jabbering) a the bottom of the stairs. Apparently he was tattling on his brother who had climbed up and was playing in our bedroom. Usually he escapes to climb on our bed or play with the computer or slam doors.
  • Whenever we get home from going anywhere and Maddie is in our kennel. All I have to say is "Can you get the doggie for me?." Both of them go to the kennel and unlock it and let Maddie out. Also.. a clear favorite (and EASIEST way to get them in the house after playing outside) is ask them to give Maddie a cookie treat. They both get so excited to feed her a doggie cookie treat.

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cute! your boys are growing up !!

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