Monday, July 26, 2010

6 Months & the Traumatic Dr. Visit

Patrick and Payden had their 6 month check up yesterday. I can't believe they are already 1/2 a year old.

Here are the stats from their appointment yesterday:

weight-- 16 lbs 10 oz (33 percentile)
Height--26 inches
Head Circ-- 17.75 in (84th percentile)

weight--13 lbs 10 oz (2nd percentile)
Height --25.75 inches
Head Circ-- 17.75 in (84th percentile


  • Loves to roll on his back until he's on his side. He can move around the room pretty well. One moment he's on the blanket and the next, he's not on it anymore. Most of the time when he is rolling it is to make a grab for Maddie
  • Absolutely adores Maddie and will extend his hand out for her to lick, will start giggling when she licks his face and when she is chasing after toys. She also like to grab her dulap and scruffy and her ears.
  • loves peaches and could each them all day long. Loves to pull his feet to his mouth and suck on them even when his mouth is full of peaches.
  • found my hair in the last week and loves to grip it when he's drinking his bottle
  • loves to stand in the exersauser and move around and around in the seat.
  • likes to happy-scream first thing in the morning to let us know he is awake. Usually it will wake up Payden who isn't too happy his brother woke him up.


  • Still kicking those feet (pistons) all the time.
  • also loves Maddie and breaks into a huge smile when she licks his face
  • Has the cutest giggle especially when tickled on the tummy and under the chin.
  • promptly rolls over once placed on his tummy
  • showing toy preference and his eyes light up and he smiles when he is given a toy he really likes.
  • we think he is getting a tooth - the doctor said that his gums looks a little swollen.
  • Starting to jabber more and more - it's so cute!
  • LOVES cereal, although it wreaks havoc on his constipation.
  • has so much more hair - we love to style it into a Mohawk.
Doctor's Appt -

I was excited about their doctor's appointment. I had questions I wanted to ask and wanted to see what they each weighed. The excitement diminished however when I realized that I would be flying solo with 2 babies as they each got their shots. Christian came with me for the appointment and helped get them undressed and weighed. Once we got back in the room he had to run across the street and go to work. It was at this point I realized that I was all alone and wondered how I was going to accomplish the task.

The doctor's visit went well; although because they were tired and fussy I didn't get a chance to ask/visit her as many things as I wanted to. Both boys are checking out well. She is a little worried with Payden as he is not showing any willingness to sit up or stand on his feet. She wants him evaluated with a program here called Tiny-k and they'll help him with his development. I called them yesterday and they actually come into the home and see you play with them and then suggest ways to help him more. I'm pretty nervous about it and know that I don't have time for a lot of things and being a new mom I'm not totally sure the exercises I need to be doing with them.

In the end, both babies were screaming due to the shots and tiredness. As I was paying the co-pay at the end of the appointment, my doctor was rocking 1 car seat and the nurse was rocking the other car seat. I guess that's when you know you picked a good doctor. She actually heard them both crying and came in the exam room and helped to calm them down. Those nurses were probably thinking to themselves about me, "that poor woman has her hands full." By the time I got home, both were asleep and stayed asleep in their car seats for 45 minutes. I wasn't about to wake them after all their crying.

The best news: NO more shots until 1 year old - 6 more months!!

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Our babies are growing so fast. Congrats! They are beautiful. Keep up the good work.

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