Friday, July 23, 2010

A Beautiful day for a Walk

In the first of this week, I have been determined to GET OUT of the house. When I am couped up in the house with 2 little ones, I am definitely glad to get out. So far I have been able to go out with just the two babies until TODAY.
I decided to see if the boys would fit in the stoller WITHOUT their car seats. The car seats are so bulky and I can't even lift them off our stroller. So completely annoying!! There must be a trick but I don't know it. I knew as soon as they fit in the stroller without their car seats than I could maybe have a bit more freedom.

And they fit!!
Even though we went only 15 minutes (temp was about 90 with humidity) it was well worth it.

Here are some pictures of the boys on our walk....

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