Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Giggling, Growing Boys

Here is a video with some giggling and growing boys... (Don't pay attention to the woman behind the curtain that sounds like a man...)

Lastly - I've noticed lately how they are really looking at each other like "who are you?" Payden has realized that he doesn't like to be hit by Patrick's flailing arms when he's eating or Patrick's flailing feet when they are playing. Patrick has learned that if he wants the toy that Payden wants he just can roll over on his side and take it away from his brother. I didn't know this would start so soon...

Brothers forever, forever and always brothers they will always be..


------------------------------- said...

I still remember the day Carter noticed the dogs for the first time. It was THE coolest thing ever to him. These two creatures that were smaller than him, and so entertaining. From that time forward they have been more important to him than even milk from mom. They have been a lifesaver when I need a distraction. I'm sure it will be the same for you - always entertaining eachother.

~Lisa Lewis~

Lind Family said...

So precious and so stinkin' cute!!!

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