Friday, July 16, 2010

Yummy Food

Patrick and Payden have really been living it up in the solid food department.

So far they have had:

Rice Cereal
Oatmeal Cereal
Sweet Potatoes
Peaches - (both the Gerber brand and pureed from a can)
Peas (5 spoonfuls each) - I tried them today but they were peas that I pureed myself and I guess I didn't do that hot of a job. Payden was acting like he might be choking and I realized that they were probably too chunky to qualify as a "first food." I guess I will work on making them smoother and just buy the Gerber brand for now.

I found while Patrick just tolerates cereal; he'll eat it but acts slightly disgusted with it. However Payden can never get enough of cereal but doesn't care all that much for the fruit. So yesterday I combined the cereal and the fruit and found that they love it. Payden loves he is getting cereal and Patrick loves that it still tastes like fruit. Definitely a fun albeit messy phase. I try to give them solids 2x a day (once for lunch) and then again before they go to bed. So far they just eat it in their bouncers as we don't have sufficient funds as this point to buy 2 high chairs. Bouncers is a bit easier in that I can sit on the floor and feed them both.
And some pictures:


Bethany said...

I had the same problem with the peas. You have to add a ton of water (hot water works best) to get them smooth enough. It got better the more practice I had.

Melissa Ann said...

We don't own high chairs: at around $80 apiece they didn't seam worth it for something used for maybe 9 months to a year. I had a friend who always used these: At $42 dollars for two you can't beat that!

We didn't have bouncers either, but I fed them in a single borrowed bumbo until they did well sitting supported and then fed them in the Boosters. We actually put ours right on our table top (the table is easier to clean than the floor is our theory...). When they on an all finger feeding type thing I'll attach them to the chair.

Melissa Ann said...

Oh and the deluxe version is only $2 more. I would love to have the extra tray cover so I didn't have to wash after every meal. But that's just laziness ;)

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