Friday, August 27, 2010

Back up and Running!

After a couple weeks without our beloved computer, we have it back!!

During quite a horrendous thunderstorm the power went out for only a couple seconds. It was kind of funny because Christian and I were playing with the babies and all of a sudden it is pitch dark. Then the lights came back. During the blackout, the computer experienced a surge and would never come back on. Thanks to the computer guys at UNI Computer here in Lawrence, we have it back. Apparently (just like my brother said) it was the power supply. Plus they gave us tons of new memory and the computer works SO MUCH FASTER... I LOVE IT!!!

I have a bunch of blog posts ready to come today and the next couple of days...

- Solid Foods Part 2 (how to also)
- 7 month old post
- Tiny K and Payden
- Constipation drama with Payden
- Family Nightly walks
- Woes of Twins Teething

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Kimberly said...

Yay! So sad about the computer breaking, but I am excited to read updates on you and your boys!

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