Saturday, August 28, 2010

Solid Food (Part II)

Boys are still loving their food every day. It's fun to choose something to introduce to them and see how they like it. I still worry if they are getting enough but then again they aren't screaming so that must mean something good. So far when I'm feeding them by myself (breakfast and lunch) I feed them from the same bowl; one spoon to one baby and then to the other baby. If Christian is home then we each will feed one.

We need to be better about putting them in their high chairs though. Usually they sit in their high chairs while we eat dinner and we give them a Baby mum mum. They love those! It's just so much easier to use the bouncy seat and we can sit on the floor after a long day.

Here's the list of the foods that the boys have tried.

*sweet potatoes
green beans

*These are the fruits/vegetables that I have made on my own. Typically the process is the same: boil fruit for 10 minutes, peel, chop and puree in blender. Some are easier than others. Christian got some white nectarines from a friend at work and we tried those this morning. They were the worst to take the pit out of but they sure tasted good.

Last Thursday we bought some sippy cups and they love them. So far I've only put water in them because I don't know how much they will get out of it. So far they are pros about bringing it to their mouths. Below is a picture of Payden with his, I couldn't ever get Patrick because when I bring out the camera, he wants to play with the camera instead.

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