Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Here are some pictures and how we spent our Halloween. 

Christian's mom bought the boys Pirate costumes for Halloween. Overall they tolerated their costumes very well,  They were dressed in some pants, and boot coverings for their shoes and a vest.  Neither would wear the hat or eye patch though. We had 3 different events surrounding Halloween:  Ward Trunk or Treat, Christian's work Halloween Trick or Treat, and also Halloween day Trick or Treat.  The Ward Trunk or treat was first and was fun but very cold and it was dark outside.  Payden had a hard time with it as he couldn't understand why we weren't going in the church and kept saying toys (from nursery). Patrick finally got it and was excited to help hand out candy and get candy in return.  When we got home, he was quite protective of his little bucketful, and would proudly go through each piece.  We are very grateful, he hasn't learned how to open any.. he just comes to us and asks. "open" 

The last thing we did was on the actual day of Halloween.  Instead of taking them door-to-door, we went to Hyvee. Hyvee is the grocery store just a couple blocks away.  Both Patrick and Payden have been there numerous times and we thought it was the ideal place to go since they were offering trick or treating for kids!  When we got there, they had a map of all the departments and where to do to get candy!  Much to my surprise (and Christian's dismay) they mostly handed out Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, and Reeses Pieces.  I was in heaven!  Payden loved this one the best as he would run like crazy to the next department.  In the produce department, they had small apples that were perfect for kids and Patrick had his half eaten before even driving home. What a perfect treat! 

 Payden posing after we came home. 

 Patrick going through his candy.. with Maddie's help. 

 Patrick showing me his candy... he was obsessed with it.. that night but then promptly forgot about it until he saw it again.  We just hid it.. 

 Boys waiting in the car to start Trunk or Treating - in their big blue coats cause it's freezing! 

First sucker, at lunch time (since then, he loves them) 

 Christian demonstrating what the hat and patch are supposed to look like. :)

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