Saturday, October 6, 2012

Patrick and Payden : 2 1/2 years -

Patrick and Payden are growing up!  They are a few months past 2 1/2 years and almost 3, I can barely believe it myself.

We took the boys to their wellness exam at the doctor -

Here are their stats and some tidbits about each of them.

Height - 37 inches (65%)
Weight - 30 lbs (46%)
Head Circ - 20 inches (82%)

  • LOVES to play outside - his favorite phrase which is says multiple times a day..  "Me go outside"
  • Has started jumping off of things - couch, chairs, anything he can climb on - he is still a bit hesitant so it's good that he'll usually ask for help first 
  • LOVES, LOVES, LOVES parks - and asks 2 or 3 times if we can go - "Bye bye, park?
  • Unhealthy obsession of french fries - Usually around dinner time I hear, "bye bye french fries." and he is also screaming and pointing at Mcdonalds saying "french fries?"  
  • Starting to really like the Alphabet - I have a chart on the wall that he'll point to and start singing and then we all sing the Alphabet song.  Lately he has been filling in letters when we stop and wait for him! He can point and say:  B, F, O, Q and Z  - It is super cute! 
  • Common phrases at dinner he uses: 
      • More cheese
      • More chicken
      • More Dip dip (ketchup or Ranch)
      • More cookie
      • More Grapes
  • Favorite Books:  
    • Curious George takes the train 
    • Curious George and the Dump truck
    • Mickey Books - Mickey Sing along / The Three Musketeers (Mickey Version)

Height - 35.75 inches (33%)
Weight - 29 lbs (34%)
Head Cir - 20.75 inches (99%)

  •  LOVES to walk places - Hyvee, park across street where there are lots of stairs - but has to hold our hand. - Walking seems to calm him down
  • Very routine oriented and he knows what comes next - throughout the day- whether it is walking to the park, juice, snack or playing downstairs. 
  • Bedtime is really a difficult - we've noticed that he needs pressure (ie.. extra hard hugs) before bedtime and rocking.  It has been a real challenge for us, helping him to calm down to sleep. 
  • Recently has been gaining some two word phrases
      • Brown Bear
      • Light on / Light off
      • Ring on / Ring off (on his stacker)
      • Go Car (going anywhere)
      • Row Row
      • Mama Off
      • Mama Row Row
  • Favorite Books - all of which are more tape than book - he LOVES his books! 
    • The Very Hungry Caterpillar
    • Brown Bear, Brown Bear
    • Mr Brown can Moo, can You
    • Good Night Moon
    • I'll See you in the Morning 
    • Mickey Sing a long - Nursery Rhymes

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