Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cute little boys!

Here are some cute things about Patrick and Payden...


  • He loves his Mickey Mouse Rhyme Sing a long so much and gets his arms flapping with such excitement.  His favorite is by far, "Do your Ears Hang Low" and I sing it multiple times a day.  Also in there is Old Duck Donald (Instead of McDonald) had a farm... and as you sing the end... E I E I .. Payden chimes in with the "O."  
  • Tonight he pointed at the Tractor Mickey was sitting on and said Tractor and then proceeded to say Mickey, Daisy and Goofy.  I knew he could say Mickey but certainly not Daisy and Goofy. 
  • We read also The Very Hungry caterpillar and he loves it so much he can fill in so many words:  He will do... pop, apple, pear, plum, and tonight he surprised me with Strawberry (sounded like staw-bare) and also Orange. He has about 6 favorite books and is learning words in them as we read them over and over again! 
  • he was all love loves after his bath... offering hugs and kisses. it was super adorable... although he started something new and refuses to sit down in the water now.  He used to love and play and splash. 

Patrick - 
  • His talking amazes me and has remembered phrases that we've used in past days.
    • Like:  Mama Off Please
    • Like  I want on (he wanted the mini piano on) - I was trying to get him to say Mama On Please.. I heard that and was like... Ok, I'll take that too :
  • Yesterday.. we had tacos for dinner and he could see me stirring food.  He loves to stir... and started proclaiming... "stir stir stir". I told him to get a chair and he brought it over and he stirred the refried beans.  It cracked me up since I caught his fingers in it more than once and him saying... "Mmmmm"   Then he had to help me stir the ground turkey too.. It was fun to have a helper. 

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